I come up to her asking how she is feeling, all she can says is " stunned." Never did she ever feel she would get used like this and love it; let alone like it. It is an incredible journey for her and silently she hopes it was for me too. She sits sipping her wine, she can't stop her mind from the thoughts, the sensations, the surprises, the

Marathon, PT 1

take turns swapping whose cock is in your mouth. Whoever isn’t getting his cock sucked reaches down and takes turns rubbing your tits and teasing your hard nipples. You pull us closer together, guiding the heads of our cocks right next to each other, and lick both of our heads at the same time. You work up and down the bottoms of both of our

Dad and Jimmy and I

to stroke it til it got hard. Then he rubbed Jimmy’s ass. ‘Now son, you are going to learn to fuck your s****r with that big cock you have. Look at her nice tits and her sweet pussy.’ ‘Baby spread your legs wide and show your b*****r that cunt of your so he can fuck it with my help.’ I spread my legs and daddy brought Jimmy down between them and

Saturday night and Sunday morning

Mercedes.She said that it was older but in perfect condition just like her.She was 42 and I was 31.We drove to her apartment and she said that she was a golfing instructor and part time school teacher. Her apartment was high up on a hill with many more around.She lived on the top floor 5 stories up.There was no elevator.She opened the door and

Raising Chelsea Part 2

from Vegas but she gave me a quick kiss on the lips when she got out of the car.When Chelsea and I got home, we were both tired and went to bed, although I thought I heard a buzzing from her room. I just smiled and went to sleep. For the next few weeks, we just did our normal routine and two or three times a week, we would entertain one another.

Sold subbie gets to play

the whispered command as she felt something small and cool pressed against her lips. A grape! She giggled a little at the image of a queen being fed grapes by a servant. More grapes and other pieces of fruit followed and soon she was sated and shook her head against the hand pressing another piece of fruit, a strawberry, to her lips again. This

Desiree’s Star Ch. 10

again. ‘I didn’t even bring my phone.’ She watched as Gabriel’s emotions clearly etched themselves on his handsome face. She was glad she could hurt him in some way. But somehow, it didn’t feel like it was enough. ‘You did, didn’t you?’ she could almost see it in his face. ‘You can’t keep injecting yourself into my life whenever you think it’s

Saucy sauna

and I was bored. To relieve the boredom I retrieved my stash of sexy underwear. A sexy little see through thong caught my eye, the flimsy triangle of material big enough to cover my rapidly swelling cock. I pulled the panties up my legs slowly getting harder all the time. I lay on the bed and stroked my bulge.My mind wandered, fantasizing about

The Slave Princess..... Chapter 7

and away across the large blue-green floor tiles.Lost is today and lost is the morrow…………I am momentarily unsettled by a feeling of dread as lines from the sacred canticle re-enter my mind.Mires both of chagrin and of sorrow………“Jaano, we must leave this room, now.”“But why my lady, morning is still far away?”“I fear that spider is a portent.”“But

Bad Cupcake

themselves to give to their wives, no?” She laughed and looked at him inquisitively. His face answered her with a devilish, inscrutable grin that gave her a little flash of excitement. Silently she thanked herself for having allowed Larry to drill her for her sizes as she freed the box of its wrapping and opened it up in her lap and looked

Sapphire's Secrets: A Skyrim Story

to turn in, quitting the fireside and settling down on her bed roll. Keeping her leathers firmly on this time. After a few minutes he did the same.They lay there, six feet from each other in the dark. They were both quiet; the last of the embers chattered softly to them as they waited for sleep to draw near. Then he grinned into the darkness and

The Deep End of the Pool

dark brown hair, a nice little rack, and a good shape to look at. Other details escaped view as it was quite dark by now, the lighting in the area being deficient.Her companion was much less attractive, don't ya know. She had long hair too, and a gigantic pair of boobs. My stars, that girl looked like she'd been hit in the back with a pair of

Penthouse Suite

losing control from the amazing feeling. Groans and wails are building up inside you and start to let themselves out, echoing through the buildings and waking up the sleepy consciousness of hundreds of people who strain to see what they want to see more than anything else in the world, even from hundreds of feet away. Pressing and driving into

The Professor

and more importantly three months since Brad had dumped her. Tonight she was going to start over as a single girl out for fun. She had decided to go to an alumni bar here in town. The college she graduated from was only fifteen miles away and this bar had a reputation for drawing former students and the occasional professor. She hoped that she

The Using of a red-headed female

Just what he wanted. Finally his plans were coming into action.Before he got too carried away, he remembered the rope. Turning back to the table, he took the rope. He didn’t want her to squirm too much. Taking her right foot, before she could protest, he tied it to the bedpost. He did the same to the other foot. This left her bare and stretched

Mother Fucker

cock was being repeatedly forced in and out of the busty virgins rectum. And she was loving every second of it. Faster! Harder! Deeper! begged Barbie as soon as her voice had returned. As intense as her first anal pounding already was, she wanted more. Not only because she was enjoying the feel of that huge cock darting in and out of her ass, but

A Punishment Never Forgotten

TV I feel your hand squeeze my hip, nails biting into my skin. The contact causes goose bumps all over my body in anticipation of what’s to come. I savor the feel of your hand moving slowly up my stomach to cup my breast. Turning my head toward you I moan as you crush your lips to mine, gasping as you pinch my nipple, your tongue invades me

Watching It Grow

she looked to me and gave me such a wonderful embracing smile and a great big hug and I felt already my feet were truly underneath the table. ‘Come, take a gander in my greenhouse’ she said taking my hand and guiding me, I liked that somehow, I felt I belonged and that was just the medicine I needed after five long years of mourning Ann. ‘If it

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 01

Jackie asks, wanting to hear more. She tips her head to try to see Keith’s face. ‘Because I don’t want to go too deep.’ ‘Keith, just tell me what you see. You can’t see into my soul or anything.’ Keith turns his head towards Jackie reluctant to continue. ‘Your eyes tell me that you miss feeling loved.’ Jackie’s smile fades away. ‘Your smile is

The Work Place Naughty

evening began the same as the night before, dinner, drinks in the bar then head to Judy’s room.When I arrived she was in the same place as I found her last night. Tonight moved a little faster, the kissing began almost immediately. Judy then surprised me when she said she had a present for me. She gave me a small box and when I opened it I

After dark

slowly entered her. An inch, then withdraw, another inch, withdraw... I did this until I was balls deep inside her. I could see her lying back, eyes closed, taking it in as I fucked her.She crooked her knees, locking her feet behind my thighs, holding me deep inside her. I put my hands around her waist, both holding her head above water and


go fishing with his friend Laurie and her mother. I had met Laurie before, a very cute blonde haired girl the same age as my son. I thought it was odd going fishing with her and her mom and I asked him about that. He told me that Laurie’s mom was a real outdoorsy type. She loved camping, hiking and fishing. The day after his fishing trip, he told

The Neighbourhood 05 – 2022-06-16 – Dinner and Discoveries

leaned toward her mother. When she did that, I said You may go, in the most arrogant, confident tone I could muster. Jen looked stricken, as if I had slapped her in the face, and turned quickly to go inside. I sat down slowly. My mouth was dry and my throat felt sticky. Not like a randori, I thought. Like a street fight. I had been in a few as a

Shadows on the Street

reached the bed, she was down to just bra, panties, and stockings, while he had his shirt off and pants bunched around his ankles. They tumbled onto the bed, still kissing. Alicia ended up on the bottom, but she didn't stay in that position for very long. She flipped him over onto his back and lay on top of him, giving him only a moment to

An Unusual Hotel....

The fingers withdrew, then were slipped into her ass instead, and Sarah could feel her own pussy juices moistening her anus.From behind the gag Sarah emitted a moan of pleasure as she felt first the tip, then the full length of a penis begin to penetrate her ass. Her muscles still relaxed by a combination of drink, drugs and her recent orgasm,

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 19

room followed by another very attractive woman and a man he is all too familiar with, Gerard Kloser or more known as… ‘Delgrious, I thought you were dead.’ ‘Fancy that too,’ the man says. ‘You can’t keep a good demon down I suppose,’ he says with a grin. ‘You haven’t killed me,’ Spencer says looking straight at Delgrious. ‘What is it you plan to

South Pacific - Pt 2 - Mohaho

can have sex with any husband she wants. But the husband's favorite wife must first give permission. Mother likes your big cock, that is why I gave her permission to fuck you!""OMG," this is totally against my western belief of marriage. One man and one woman, faithful to each other. But then I remembered that these people never had a religion

The Long Hot Summer - Part 2

glee as you hold me in your throat, swallowing, counting off three with your fingers. Your mouth swoops back up to the head, your tongue swirling around it, then you take me down your throat again. My endurance, already on the edge, is eroding fast. Your mouth is so hot and wet, your tongue like a thing alive in itself. Best of all is the look on

Sharing My Love Ch. 02

only fair that you allow someone to take care of you for a change.’ His kindness touches my heart. He’s a sweet man that is just helping a friend. I am ashamed of myself for wanting more than his friendship. You would think heartbreak would be enough to distract me from thinking about sex. But my wicked mind insisted that he should have stayed on

Cottage Quickie

than they are. Being six years older than my wife I am closer in age to Lori than to my wife. Lori and I had hit it off right away and had a strong sexual tension the first time we met. My wife always teased that if I had met Lori first that she and Ed would be stuck together. I know Ed would not have a problem with that. I came out of the water

The Nursing Mother

that from then on. Then Mom said that Dad was the only man that she had ever been with, that he had gotten her cherry, and the box that it had come in. Mom then told him that one of her girlfriends had been telling her how wonderful sex could be with the right partner. Of course Dad wanted to know where she was going to find the right partner. To

Lust From Space!

placed it on her sister's other breast, causing the girl to buck. No longer able to make sounds, Lucy was reduced to breathy gasps as her older sister helped the plant pleasure her. Her head still held back, she couldn't see what was going on under her, but did have an excellent view of her sister's larger pert breasts. She felt her pussy become

Triple threat.

it was ok. They were bassicly brainwashing Eclipses pups telling them it was ok to do what they were doing and were told not to tell there mother of what they were told. The pups still loved there mother and she loved them but she was unaware of what they were being taught when they were away with the males. Early one morning while eclipse

The Cruise

ran off with some young tart before divorcing her. Even though he knows the bar is empty the barman looks round before whispering, ‘well that’s his loss’ winking as he looks at her. Before she can ask for a drink he slides a glass over the bar to her ‘My treat, for a beautiful lady’ he tells her. Blushing a little June sips it her tongue tingling

Good Luck Charm- Part 2

her arms and pinned them down at her sides. Tammy wanted to scream her lungs out. It wasn't until he stopped that she realized she had been holding her breath. Carter let go of her arms and used his right hand to push two fingers up into her. She couldn't help but vocalize her pleasure as he hit her g-spot with his fingers and dragged his tongue

Early Morning Wake Up

She had the most intense orgasm I have seen. She looked my way with satisfied eyes and we looked at each other for a second. I got scared and ran back to my room. I couldn’t believe she had caught me watching her. What was this going to do to our relationship. I had fallen back asleep and woke up at 10:00 am. I lazily got dressed and walked

Dragon Clans Bk. 02 Pt. 06

Life works out the way it will, we can only do our best, uphold our honor and find the joys as they come along the path we travel.’ From that first night in the dark, when Katsimoto had found her in the locked and guarded room that Lo-Chan kept her in. He always had a way to calm her, to make her fear recede. She had never known anyone who she

Billie, Me, and the team make........

exactly like so many of the fantasies I have had about hot young wrestlers. Having one sandwiched between my wife and I was a personal favorite and here we were with just a few layers of cloth between us. I know Brandon could feel me pressing my hard-on into the crack of his ass. I wondered how he was going to take this as I finished rinsing my

Her Pants Were Down Around Her Ankles

for you.”Emily replied, “I was hoping that you would offer.”After she orgasmed twice she said, “I drank your cum. You should drink some of mine too.”I pushed her back onto the ground and got between her legs. I was determined to return her favor. I stuck my face in her crotch and I smelled that strong piss odor. I ignored it and opened up her

Every Man Is A Little Bit Gay

it or is it just a fantasy? I can see how much it turns you on.’ ‘At the moment it’s just a fantasy. Just thinking about it makes me hot. Well, you saw that.’ ‘Yeah, I did. But, would you want to do it for real?’ ‘I’m not sure. I mean, I’d never f***e anything on you that we hadn’t agreed first. I don’t want to do anything you’re not happy with.

Anniversary Ch. 05

into the phone. At last, the man was in need of his advice but Daren wouldn’t string out the agony, but before he could answer, Bob surprised him. ‘I’ll divorce her. There’s nothing left. Where is she now?’ He said hurriedly. ‘I’m not sure I should tell you. What are you going to do?’ Daren asked. ‘Don’t worry I won’t do anything stupid. I don’t

My Niece Allison (Part I: The Media Room)

I like to watch movies and football whenever I take time to relax since I have a rather stressful career. We had just moved into our new house in December, just before Christmas. I purchased this house because I fell in love with the media room. It had stadium seating, a great sound system/media center, a huge 70” theater screen, wet bar and I

The Ghoul's Wedding

was missing.After the wedding dinner they went back to the apartment. Jim promised that someday they would have a real honeymoon, just as extravagant as they wanted. She told him she didn't care about things like that (even though she understood that those promises were more for him than for her). Only one thing about the wedding night interested

My brother is my protector

dad said while handing me the money.Joanne: it's about 9:30 and i'm about to go to sleep when I realized I couldn't find my headphones. I always listened to music while sleeping. I couldn't find it anywhere. "I bet you Ray took it to his room" I got up to walked down the hallway to his room. He always kept his room door open when dad was working

A Letter From My Slut Wife

likes when slut squirts, when it soaks his balls. Spreading her legs wide, spanking her ass and pinch her nipples, bad slut is not allowed to close her legs ever, unless Master says she may. She must thank her Master for spanking her ass, fucking her ass, pinching her nipples till they ache. Slut wishes Master would put a big dildo her ass or

Yearbook 2005–gm

never varied in volume or intensity and the lighting was almost garish. ‘Hi, Mr. Zeke,’ Scottie called out as he pushed the lawnmower past the two sunbathers Scottie was a well muscled youth, with longish blonde hair, dressed in cut off shorts and a very tight tee shirt. ‘Here, get my back,’ Dwight asked, handing Zeke the bottle of suntan

The Halloween Party

DeRonda yelled lifting his head from his chest. They will make me stron&hellip, was all John got out before DeRonda slapped him hard across his face. Dont you even go there John these drugs are dangerous not to mention they are illegal. What happen to that young man who used to run through the neighbor hood or lift his weights out back. Where is

Pussy Playmate

hands still holding her ass cheeks apart, Vivian could only stare hungrily at the large toy protruding from the harness and smell the muskiness of Kathleen's want. She licked her lips as the dildo twitched in front of her in a lewd, erotic sort of dance. "Show me your cock," Master said to Kathleen. She stepped around Vivian and held the end of

Renee and her brother Ch.2

through her under his touch. His thumb stroked and caressed her until her trembling had subsided. She then felt his hands at the edge of her bikini, felt him pull it down her legs, and then she was totally naked. The next thing she felt was the heat of his mouth, her own body's sharp reaction as her pleasure climbed to another level. His tongue

Summer of "69"

on a guy's toes. He said “According to this article, at least ten percent of people, and probably more have what's called a foot fetish. They are turned on sexually by feet, and that it's perfectly normal.”“Yeah, I've heard of that,” I said. In reality, I had a foot fetish, and Robby's feet had been a source of more than one fantasy for me.“I

Penetrating My Mother

babydoll. she was at my mercy, brown nipples, which i loved, on top of her Bcup breasts, a little tummy that flowed into her wide hips and lean legs. my eyes went to her clean shaven pussy and i flicked the outer lips with my tongue adn inserted it wildly into her folds. licking and sucking in my mom's aroma was intoxicating, the juices flowed

Feels Like – 1. Planning The End

in the room is smooth, rhythmic and unknown. Perfect for smoking. Yet I recognize the song is Cat Power: Empty Shell . “Who is doing the planning?” Benito asks as he receives the joint. He is sitting with Kayla on the couch alongside the bed: their favorite spot. We affectionately refer to Benito as our deadhead and to Benito and Kayla

It Was Only a Blowjob Ch. 02

She grabbed the phone from me angrily, and ran from the room. I started laying out the food choices, and turned on the waffle iron. Wendy came back about a minute later. ‘He’s not there.’ ‘Less than four minutes.’ ‘HE’S NOT THERE! I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!’ she screamed at me. ‘Not my problem. Find out where he is, get a message to him,

Mobile Phone Sex Toy

up at me again and then things made sense. My phone must have been pressing directly on her clit because as my phone continued to vibrate I saw pleasure in Jen's eyes. She leaned in to me whispering hoarsely 'Don't you dare move your phone it feels amazing!' I tightened my arm round her waist and pulled her closer and could feel the heat rising

Lifting Hannahs skirt

rear view, and Hannah is tall and can, in my opinion, really hang a skirt from her hips. My penis was already a bit hard from the shapely female sights I had seen during my run and because my running shorts hid nothing, I needed to make a quick exit. ‘Hi, I need a shower, I just got back from running,’ I said as I turned toward the bedroom and a

All Yours

how exactly we would get away with it. “Again,” she had texted. And she would get it again, no doubt about that. The only question was how, and, more pressingly, where. She was looking directly at me as I walked towards her, sitting with her legs crossed in the centre of a low couch. She looked seductive, in control and serene – not at all like

Another Chance: The Beginning

listening to music. My apartment was a small brick building literally across the street from the post office, so checking the mail was a near-daily event for me. Step by step I carried myself arduously to the small building and checked my mail box. As usual there was a small yellow slip which meant that a package had arrived for one of us; most

The Futa Fairy - Futa MILF's Harem Wish Chapter 1: Mrs. Fatima's Forbidden Desires

a dildo?”“It's not. Feel.”Her hand shoved down between her thighs, brushing the base of my girl-dick buried in her tight sheath. Sa'dia shivered, groaning as her fingers explored the folds of my pussy wrapped about my new shaft. Then she felt my wet folds.She whimpered, her pussy clenching so hard on my cock as she worked her hips. She pumped her

America’s Playboy Ch. 01

forget her name. She was a lesbian and she was really beautiful,’ said Angelo. ‘She said she was a lesbian when she had that television show, The Anna Nicole Show. Maybe, she liked both pussies and cocks. Maybe, she was one of those bisexuals who swung both ways.’ ‘Yeah, that could be. I could see her being a bisexual, but not a lesbian.’ ‘Oh,

E096: Atlanta, Georgia

is on full display seeming to be begging for attention.Donald does not need any more incentive as he feels himself throbbing and shaking from Emma’s mouth service a bit below.He pushes the sheer fabric to the side and descends on Emma’s cunt. So wet and waiting for him.  Emma lets out a gasp of surprise when she feels his lips on her for this

My Incest Experience Chapter 2

in some more. She pushed her hips backward and I forced my shaft deeper into her tight virgin hole until I eventually had the whole dick buried in aunt Kate as she let out a lot of loud moans.Her eyes closed tightly as I slid my penis into her virgin ass. With my hands on her hips I started with slow thrust then speeded up my

the rape of heather

sorry she was and that she didn’t mean to…But I really didn’t care all I care about is this small, tight, wet, bald, 12-year-old virgin pussy that I was getting ready to brutally rape! I rubbed the head of my hard 10 inch lock cock against her pussy lips slightly pushing it in making her moan and wince in pain. I grabbed her hips as I slowly slid

Training Sarah PArt Three - the trip to the cousins house

heard the rustling around as Sarah prepared to do the deed. As I heard the familiar sounds of Sarah satisfying herself, and eating pussy, I reached over and turned on the light and said, I told you she liked pussy! My cousin locked her knees around Sarah's head, holding her face against her pussy so we could all see it. My older cousin and I

Naked in Nature

speed and intensity of my thrusts. Her pussy was dripping wet and creamy already. I could see her juices clinging to the base of my cock as I thrust myself in and out of her hole.“Oh, baby! I like this view. I can see your big dick fucking my tiny little pussy,” she exclaimed. I could feel her pussy begin to convulse on my cock. “Fuck yeah! Give

Mr. Black, No. 1: Mr. Black’s Dinner Party

ate fruit, and a small, very tender, filet mignon.Like me, your date was in a tuxedo. He was a slightly older man. Distinguished looking. Short grey hair. Very fit. He looked like he may have been in the military, and carried the air of command. He had a strong presence.So the first strange thing was, of course, that I was at the bar and you had

The Pilot

the Pilot pulled the Ship out of StarJump and back into normal space time. Slowing the ship down and re-engaging the conventional drive engines, the Pilot moved the Ship through space at a much reduced velocity. The various arrays and scanning devices also re-emerged from different parts of the hull, somewhat detracting from the smooth outline,

My Maria Scene 6

her arm slowly pausing to tickle the crook of her elbow. Being tied had its advantages for me. I could entice her arms and she could not move them away. I moved up one arm and came back down the other to her torso, It was time for her breasts. I took the feather and tickled under her breast which was heaving trying to gather a breath. As I

Kidnapped into Slavery Chapter 2

He orders me to my knees. I just look at him, my entire world seeming to crumble in around me. I see my father in the background pointing his finger down. A part of me keeps thinking he's going to run in and stop this madness but in reality I know that's not going to happen. As more tears fall down my face I lower to my knees. The man unzips

Holidays at the Farm Part 1

to be subtle about it but it is hard to disguise. I let her proceed giving no resistance. I want her to grab me, to hold me, to possess me. She reaches her object and pulls it up as if it were a trophy. She giggles and moans as I further my assault. She strokes me slowly and looking in my eyes, “God I have missed this! I want to have this

Judy Writes Her One And Only Story.#5

watching me, it made my body tingle. We found out he was a retired masseuse and a professional dancer. For the next four weekends, Myron invited us to his dance club, I really got to know him. Yes, he was a very good dancer. After dancing one Saturday night we went back to his house to have a couple of drinks. I said, ‘Myron why don’t you come

A Black Woman’s Love Is A Prize

doctors, philanthropists and other movers and shakers of the world. Monique had this group of young Black women she called her ‘Sister Circle’. They were really something. Stunning, brilliant and worldly. A group of truly impressive ladies. I met a tall, light-skinned sister named Ariel Robson, daughter of the first Black man elected as the

Nicki gets her payback on Randi

Sound System.' We both just love how the band mixes soul, break, dub, jazz and hip-hop. Strangely, we find it both good to fall asleep to but also to have slow grinding sex to. I click the CD onto repeat then jump further onto the bed and lie down on my back to get more comfortable. Before I know it I've nodded off....My god what a wonderful

First-Time Tales #1: Emily and Jason

his fingers away from my pussy and just sort of laid there with his eyes closed and a satisfied look on his face as his dick went soft and limp in my hand. When it finally became a slimy little noodle, I let go of it and dried my hand on the towel next to me. He may have been satisfied, but watching him get off had made me hornier than ever! I

A Wedding Befitting A Slut

my job was that I had spread my legs for Jennings, our department head, the day after. His secretary had made sure of that. “I love you, Andrew!” He grinned at me with that cute, slight smirk that always made me melt inside. “So it’s just going to be us and a few friends, I guess.” “I’m sorry. I hoped that your family…” He didn’t let me finish.

A Walk In The Park - Part 2

camera. “Mmmm delicious, darling,” I said huskily, playing to the camera. “Jesus, Paul,” Jason exclaimed “She’s so fucking hot. I can’t wait to show this film off down the pub.” The thought of this homemade video being watched by lots of virile young men, jealous of their friends, thrilled me intensely and my pussy throbbed with longing. Still

The Only Woman for Me

TV when the phone rings. The name and number that pops up on the screen catches me completely off guard. I haven’t heard from Elaine in a couple of years. Not since we had ended our affair because she felt she had to give her marriage another shot. A few months later her husband got a job offer in another state and they moved away. I stare  at

Teasing the photographer

your knickers inch by inch down your long slim legs. I’m kneeling in front of your naked body, looking up at you, and shaking with desire. You smile wickedly. “Better get undressed if you want to join me.” You step away from me into the shower, letting the water cascade down over your body. It’s too much. I can’t get my clothes off fast enough

Soul to the Highest Bidder Ch. 02

chance learning Greek, at least I already had an understanding of it. I also had to buy all the traveling accouterments with that money, since I had never traveled before. I don’t include shuffling between foster homes travel, especially since I had never had anything to take with me. Deborah also arranged for my passport, so that I would have it

Saturday Reverie

long haired orange and white cat named Bubbi. Both animals looked up, giving him a dispassionate look before snuggling back into their perspective places; Loki at her feet and Bubbi on the pillow beside her head. Keyes breath caught for a moment, the ‘adult videos’ he had been watching online for the last hour had prompted his foray upstairs.

Reunited Family Friends

was ready to cum right then and there, but I didn’t thank god. I could see up her skirt, she was wearing black underwear, it was like a mini-shorts type of underwear, but was amazingly sexy and suck a turn on.As I started getting into it, she got off, and walked out of the room, I was spun out, I didn’t know if what just happened was real or not,

The Country Club – Chapter 3

our tongues meet, entwined in that familiar dance that arouses two lovers.My leg moves between hers parting them as I slide up against her pussy. She begins moving her hips so she can rub her pussy against my thigh. Our kissing has become more passionate as she moves against me. She breaks our kiss, throwing her head back as she moves against me

Long Commute

letting it slip slowly from her shoulders. I watched in rapt attention as she slowly lowered it, exposing her breasts, dark nipples greeting me with beckoning attention, the curve of her rounded globes enticing and pink in the subdued light. The robe slipped further, exposing her slightly rounded and soft belly, then parted and slipped fully away


serious. "Sorry, but you walked right into that." He looked at Jake and sighed, then returned his attention to me. "Alright, so I'll see you later." He reached for my leg and brushed his hand along it, lingering at my ankle."Play safe, alright?" he whispered, staring up at me."Yeah, sure …," I replied, mildly confused. My brother had never given

Last Morning in Mexico

been roommates on several trips.Don is six feet tall and very athletic. He’s got a great body. Hairy chest and treasure trail, and slim. I’m just about the same size and description. I’ve seen Don naked in the showers at school and on some of these trips. Don has a large penis – no other way to describe it. His cock is thick, very thick, and the

LoveLocked: Infomercial #1

bottle into WIFE’s rear. He steps back and admires his work.]Husband: Feeling full?[WIFE nods and moans. Her legs are quaking.]Husband [picks up another bottle]: You always were an overachiever. Let’s make my bitch airtight, shall we? Turn around again. Good. Deepthroat this one, Cupcake.[WIFE takes the bottle into her mouth. She gags and

Howd that happen 9

with moving the girls here from the hotel. While I was dressing there was a knock on the door and I rushed over to open it. Maybe Naomi just left for a few minutes. Damn again! It’s not her. Instead there stood a tall, middle aged, gray haired lady with a long all black dress on. I assumed this was the housekeeper. She must have read my

Someone New In The Shower

of my mind because my brother was watching a movie without me. I decided to go down to the shower house and take a shower to rinse all the chlorine off of me.I grabbed all my stuff and walked through the campground to the shower house. The women’s bathroom was always intoxicating when you walked in and smelled the shampoo, body wash, and perfumes

Let It All Hang Out

Private Graduation Party", she asked about the different facets of sexual activities. When June approached me on trying other sexual quests, I thought to myself, let's combine some of them for a real good time. I recommended public sex and exhibitionism for her as a "daily double". Public sex was just fucking, oral or anal sex in a public place

Who Done Her?

I might be a little bit drunk, but you can’t tell me that those clients didn’t have a good time.” I couldn’t suppress the hiccup that followed the statement. “A little bit drunk! Megan, you’re wasted and from the look in your eyes it’s not only from the drink.” I have to tell you, I’ve always lusted after him. He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever met.

A fitting reward

She had a big set of tits, measuring in at 34DD and a wide round ass. She slid into the seat next to Robo and rubbed his leg. It was dark on the bus and there was no reason to beat around the bush about what was on her mind. She ran her hand under his shirt and pinched his nipple. He leaned over and kissed her as his hands went to her tits. He

Imperial Coaches

go between riding you hard to slow and gentle. I can feel your cock responding to each movement.The bus pulls into the station and because the lights are still dimmed. I slowly ride you. The windows are darkened so that no one can see and as we are at the back of the bus the curtain shields us from the obvious glare of the street lights.I bend

Brownwood: I Dreamed Ch. 04

‘Who’s watching Shannon, Mom?’ Zach asked sternly. He noticed her stiffen before she inhaled deeply. ‘What?’ she replied, obviously stalling. ‘I asked, who’s watching Shannon?’ ‘Well, Ginny and Hector have been watching her mostly.’ ‘Mom,’ Zach said flatly, his voice growing stronger. ‘Ginny is six months pregnant and already looks like she’s

Changing Professions: Part One

said okay but wasn't sure what it would be like having sex with a complete stranger. Actually, when I thought about it, I got kind of excited. After all, I had been practicing at home. "Let's get started then, Eve. Please stand in front of that white backdrop as I take a few snapshots. Start as you are, fully clothed and remove your clothes one

First time with a couple

while she stood on my my face. I heard a loud smack on Linda's ass as Jerry enjoyed it. Then I felt my legs being opened and my panty slid to the side as Jerry started to play with my pussy. I opened my leg even more to give him better access. I loved how he pushed one, then two and then three fingers in my tight pussy. Linda on the other hand

A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 2

It was spur of the moment, and you wanted to talk to an old friend.  No worries.", he told her sincerely.  She looked down, but he lifted her face, with a finger to her chin, and forced her to look at him.  "Good night, thank you for a wonderful evening" he told her, and kissed her gently on the cheek.  "Breakfast tomorrow, I'll knock on your

Can You Help Mommy

I can talk her into it.”Donna said, “Okay, how about this weekend then, both Friday night and Saturday night?” She kissed me on the cheek and ran off giggling.Throughout the day I thought about fucking Mom and then I thought about fucking Donna. Why else would she want to spend two nights in my bed?At lunch Donna said, “I called my mother and she

A guy and his...? 22 Redemption

body from the aftermath of their union. She'd awoken a while after Jake had left covering her and making sure she was alright. Nuha looked at the huge smile on her unconscious sister's face, slightly shocked she never thought she'd see her sister as satisfied as Fatin was. Who in the hell was this man? Although Nuha could feel the magic around

Fucking in the Rain by Candlelight

his wife were supervising the building of an annex to the townhouse we called Churton Place. They, along with my sister and her husband (who used to be a lover of mine – long story but I’m over it) were part of our crew that handled spy campaigns for MI-6’s “Department of Alien Affairs”. We were more in the line of debunkers than Torchwood or

Hung black guy and a pregnant white girl

hesitated and he put his fingers on either side of my jaw and squeezed. When I had to open my mouth he slid his cum covered prick that had just been in my ass into my mouth. Suck it clean. I did as he said. Ive got one more treat for you, Slut. He went into the bathroom and came back out with two towels and a small plastic sheet. He rolled me to

Batwoman meets Catwoman (Part One)

hips. Ohhhh.. yessssss! she could feel her whole body reacting to the pleasure being pumped into her. UAAAAAAAAHH!!! she cried out as her body twisted and she exploded in orgasm as she were being hammered into her bed. Her lips parted and she were left only able to breathe, and stare at the headboard as her eyes rolled back. Drool pooled at the

Poor Little Cassie - Chap 2 - The Plumbers Return

lifted my legs and shoved his huge black cock into me. I grunted as he stretched my little pussy again. I felt loose after Tony finished but this cock was opening me up even more. He pushed my legs back towards my chest and drove deep into me. A little squeal left my mouth. I was looking up at my feet and Hank started a vicious rhythm. His

An Irish Family

dirty, I loved it a lot and I wanted more, I had to make him cum I had to get his seed to spurt out onto me I wanted it so much. I bent my head forward, causing the cum pooled in my throat to drip round my neck, I opened my mouth and took the tip of Kevins penis into my mouth as he thrust forward. He let out a groan slowing right down as I

The Chauffeur(#9)....VEGAS BABY!

division handing customer service issues. However, I persuaded him to understand that your real talent is talking to people via phone or computer. With that in mind here’s our offer: We would like you to come work for us as the Call Center Director. You would oversee all three of our call centers, Tampa, Dallas, and Pasadena. Your starting salary

Pillow Talk

um, well, I hoped, no. Wait.” “Tom?” Deep breath, in and out. “Ok, I need to tell you something.” “Tom?” “Huck, just listen to me. When I found those pictures last year, it was like the last day, and I was so shocked and, well, excited that I couldn’t think straight. But then when I got home and, well, I really started thinking about

Cherry Hill Ch. 01

screamed Joy when Michael’s fingers hit her second most sensitive spot as his tongue assaulted her first. ‘Fuck it!’ she panted, her voice getting hoarse, her mouth gone dry. Her pussy started to convulse and Michael knew she was close. He slowed down a little bit, his fingers softly strumming inside her, one and then the other, against her

By Moni My days as an e****t another true story

he started to fuck my face harder I could feel him tighten up. I am going to cum in your married slut mouth and you will swallow my cum bitch. With that he came filling my mouth, I swallowed so many times to get it all. Good slut he said. Lets check out that sweet little pussy of yours he sais. I lay on the bed and opened my legs wide as he knelt

A Summer Job with Fringe Benefits

pushed aside a flap of soft flesh, and she went absolutely ape, crying and writhing, as I stretched out her little nub and licked it hard and fast, nipping at it a few times as it swelled and hardened. She shuddered and came, flopping back in her chair and pushing me away. I stood on shaky legs and pulled down my zipper. My rigid ram jumped out

Never been with a man sexually

everything else now. She is so wet the couch is soaked beneath us. Marina is whimpering, as this beast is taking her. A moment of confused excitement sent a thrill through her before she could suppress it. Her hand tightened on my cock. Perhaps she can stop me from thrusting deeper. Then the realization swept over her. I had my cock buried deep

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cock while her hands were glued to his tight ass. My wife noticed now that three of the women in the club were now being fucked by the strippers while her friend Chris was about to be next. Chris continued to suck his cock hard as my wife tried to move her chair away from the action. It had been about 5 minutes when the stripper began to pull

My First Time

that went down to the middle of my thighs that made me like a hot little slut and the blouse that I put on finished it all off as I looked down I wanted to fuck myself. She did my makeup and helped me to put on the very sexy redheaded wig that she had put in to pig tails. When I tried to look in the mirror, she would not let me saying, “You can


me… dont think i can hold it back… unnhh fuckk… my hips moving… thrusting… my cock making wet sounds as I stroke… unnhhh god… god i want to cum on your face… want you to lap me up lap up all my spunk… as i spurt hot and wet… all over you… fuckkk… fuckkk thats it… ohhhh god im gonna cum… cum with me… ohh god cum with me now… ohh h NOW… cummmin ng…

Diana my Workmate

my chair with an evil grin on my face. We sat there in silence for few minutes and then a voice in my head asked me to go for it. A hunch.“So after work do you want to go in a private place and get naked?” I asked Diana when we were alone in the staffroom.“In your fucking dream John. First of all I have a loving husband and we have been married

Waiting so long

pussy and sucking her clit as her pussy just continuously poured cum. My face was soaked as well as her ass cheeks from my hardcore pussy eating and after several minutes I could tell she was enjoying it she reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as she could get them exposing her asshole so I scooped up a nice amount

Madame Butterfly

just ended up holding the soiled ones up to my nose, breathing deeply while I wanked. I decided that it would not be long before my disappearances would be noticed and my work colleagues would think I was bunking off work. Try as I might though to stay at my desk, the vision of Jane rubbing her face over Pete's cock always came to the surface and

My First Time

Gemma had brought out her huge red strap on dildo and tied it around her waist. She told Olivia to lie on the floor on her back and she did. Gemma eased herself on top of Olivia slowly and pushed the red strap on dildo inside her soaking wet pussy.It made Olivia cry out and Gemma kissed her to calm her as she thrusted slowly inside her."Shh, it's

Walking In The Rain

a few just for walking in the rain. Also over the years she gave birth to two children and her nipples got bigger and darker along with her areola. The walks in the rain got better and better as far as I was concerned.Occasionally my wife would put one of those T-shirts under a warm faucet to get it wet then put it on to impress me. It always

Sexual fun with J

whelmed. This huge cock feels good in my mouth, I want to suck and suck and suck. It is obvious that he wants to cum as his hips more, shoving his glorious cock deeper into my throat. Sometimes he cums, sometimes he doesnt. It doesnt matter to me. I just love sucking on his huge grand cock and so does she. I love to suck his huge cock but I think

Asking to be Spanked

I liked being taken to a cheap motel on the interstate and then waiting in the car like a common prostitute. Sitting there as he got a room, watching the rain hit the windshield, the strange thought came to me that I wished I was a prostitute. At least then I would be getting money for this humiliation and pain. I doubt the owner of the motel

Thicker Then Water: chapter Three

men who all silently agreed. It was quiet the native Indians seemed to be waiting for something but then all of them charged whooping and yelling axes and spears in hand. "Now! Fire!" Jebadiah ordered and the men fired pistol and musket shot into the wave of Indians and fell the majority of them as they ran back frightfully at the thundering shot

Barely Legal Austin. Part 2.

but some boys go further. For some it’s experimenting, some it is who they are, they just are afraid to admit that.”“ It ended at that for me.” he said.I decided to go for it and placed my hand on his leg. He froze but otherwise made no attempt to stop me. “Well, Carl, If you want I can show you all its about and I have help here with me, I think

All Ways Always

direction. I managed to slip over there to watch Jasmine on her hands and knees with dad pulling on her hair and slamming deep into her ass as she shouted out, “Fuck me daddy just like you do when mommy’s not home!”Holy shit!Well we never got in trouble for not coming home on time after that and dad was there every Monday to fuck till he dropped.

I am Suzie

off it. Then he started humping the crack of my ass. I knew he was letting me feel how huge he was against my ass. I was so turned on that I started to wiggle my ass and grind his cock. He enjoyed that so much, he stopped humping me and let me do all the work. Feeling the weight of it in my crack. I was thinking about nothing other then being the

Kingsbury Chronicles: New York, New York

well, night four, really.-----"Amen," we all said.Linus and I went to our room, Melinda went to hers, and our married couple sponsors went to theirs. For the next hour or so, Linus went on and on and on talking to his girlfriend (who he would later obliterate the heart of) and I just played World of Warcraft. We weren't totally devoted to the

Her Voyeur Pt. 1

sir.”“I just can’t believe my luck that such a beautiful, genuine submissive woman is talking to me right now. I’ve looked for you everywhere.”Isabella smiled before she started rubbing her clitoris again. “Do you want to come over and see me in the flesh?”“Tempting, but I can’t.”The way he said those words made Isabella realize that he was in a

First Time Pain and Pleasures

if I was happy with going further, which I was. He took off his own trousers, revealing a bulky torso and a tight pair of swimming briefs. He then unbuttoned my jeans and gently pulled them down over my own black silk trim briefs, which pleased him.  With my jeans at my ankles he leaned me gently back over his knees and resumed the spanking- this

Middle Eastern Minx

not true. You’re a great musician. You’re the best friend anyone can ever ask for. Plus, you’re pretty easy on the eyes.’ ‘Well from your point of view I sound pretty amazing. Too bad not many other girls have thought that. Hell, sometimes I wonder if even Nicole thinks of me as highly as you do.’ ‘Nicole is an idiot if she doesn’t see how great

My life at a glance part 2

is one thing, but my own daughter, with her grandmother helping! I felt the bed move again only this time it was Sophia (my mother-in-law) she climbed on top and stared moving slowly (God she was tight) she only managed to get part of me in and she came, she then started again this time she got a bit more in and I came, so much it hurt and I

Hell House-Chapter 3

condom was removed from his hard dripping dick, and the contents were squeezed into Jimmy's mouth. He dutifully swallowed, to the cheers of the residents. A laser hair removing machine was rolled out to the frame. With his body spread-eagled and off the floor, Jimmy was in an ideal position. And everyone had a good view of at least some of the

Gay Revenge Pt 1

as if I had been plugged into a light socket while Jake slowly continued sucking the last streams of Tina-gasm from my cum-hole. My cock felt as if it was still faintly cumming, only far away, like a freight train that had passed but was still in sight. Jakes mouth was starting to make it tickle, after being so abused my organ was sensitive so I

A high priced call girl accepts a new customer while her significant other monitors the meeting

there until they left.I was waiting when Kay came into the house.She smiled, leaned over and kissed me, holding my headwith both hands as she looked deep into my eyes. Shesat down beside me, head on my shoulder, hand on my leggently kneading my thigh.“You did great, it looked like you enjoyed it verymuch.”“I did, more so than the other clients.

You Learn Something New Every day

Our senior year of high school, we were lovers and had sex often. When we went to college, we decided to see other people. We bumped into each other working as waitresses at a restaurant in town. We picked up our love affair, where we left off. Life has been amazing since connecting with Madison again. “Madison, what were you thinking? Now, we’ll

My continuing affair with my Step-Mom part 1

side. I would touch her skin ever so lightly as I drug my hand slowly up, brushing the side of her breast. She looked up at me after another 5 minutes of my light touches and we started to make out again. At first, the kisses were loving and passionate, but soon got more sexually fueled. I reached over with my right hand and started rubbing and

One thing led to another

bent down to pick up her dress and was fixated by her shaved pussy and ever present aroma, again apologised for staring but this time just looked up in silence. The measurement commenced when Jacqui asked why the assistant had been so surprised when she must see this every day. The assistant explained although she saw many women in various states


I would agree to go back to his flat. And the “ I’m going to the top” type, who was at present just managing the club for a friend until he comes into some money that was being left him from some distant Aunt. Then there was the “God’s gift to everyone” man. He had the right look. The right clothes. The right body shape. But he was usually Gay.

The Big Match

matter. However long you live you can always transport yourself back to that moment and replay it in your mind. Of course if anyone ever asks you, it was an amazing experience and the earth shook, in reality this isn’t always the case. I’m glad to say my first time really was earth shattering and still now fourteen years later it still ranks up

Sodomizing Suzanne

He then took a couple more photos of his finger buried all the way into her ass, now with a clear view of her anus clenching around his knuckle, and then another one of him swilling his ass-finger around in her mouth, making her unconsciously taste her own rectum. The 4chan thread responded to this quite positively, demanding fingers in her

My Girl and Me

I wasn’t interested in resting anyway, just the sight of my master made me wet and hot, and when his hand in my hair guided my mouth to his semi erect cock, I eagerly began to lick and kiss the length of it, as always relishing the taste of his skin. Master told our playmate to go down on me while I pleasured him, and she settled between my wide

Foot In The Door

I knew panties did not look like that. It was hair, short curly dark hair, even darker than her straight, shoulder length hair that she had pulled back into a pony tail.I wondered why her secret hair was curly and not straight. Would she need to cut it on a regular basis? If not, would her vagina look like a yak or one of those exotic looking

Joanne's Story - The Beginning

around fantasies. He knew what I was into through my telling him which stories he had written that I liked, but suddenly and before I knew it, I found myself talking about my deepest darkest wants and needs to what was really a perfect stranger. The man whom I later knew as Peter. Soon we had moved from emails to chatting on instant messaging

man ths kul and awsome

her bedroom, which was across the house from her son's room. She pushed the door open, and then both of her arms went around my neck, bringing us in a very passionate kiss. This time, I did not hold back, but closed the door behind us, and locked it, and picked her up.Still kissing, I dropped her onto the bed, and I stripped quickly, leaving

Mr. Venchenzo

ya""thanks boss im going to make the little piggie squeel" vic said."im shore you will" Mr. Venchenzo laughed darklythen he shoved back in without warning he fucked me for another couple of minites then his patten changed he kept stopping and then picking up speed, and then dave thought this is it he's going to cum in his ass, then he felt it,

Holly - Part 2

her other hand caressed my balls. "Holly, you're going to make me cum!" I moaned. She managed a muffled "Uh huh," indicating that was exactly what she wanted. She bobbed her head up and down for several more strokes. Suddenly I gasped as the first jet of my semen shot into her mouth. She swallowed and savored each squirt as it came,

How to Eat out a Woman with a Big Ass

minora and exposing her clitorus. I keep tapping and now insert two fingers into her vaginal opening. What started off as a completely buried treasure has flayed out over the bell pepper outer labia. So now that I have the gorgeous reddish brown fruit at the forefront, I take my first decadent lick. I start at the base right by her taint and

Downpour Alley Futa

on the way down causing me to moan in pleasure. She clearly noticed my vagina as she stuck in two fingers causing me to let out a squeal as she circled the head of my dick with her tongue. I was in pure ecstasy as she toyed with both of my privates teasingly. Still keeping her fingers in my pussy, her mouth now encircling my shaft as she sucked,

my sister- sexslave emily valentines day

head in to her pussy as I brutally fucked my sister up the asshole."I think she is starting to learn to like this" kristen said jokingly as she forced Emily to eat her cunt out.¦#148; I don"t care if she likes it or not! She is just a piece of shit whore cumrag to me!¦#148; I said as we violated my sister.¦#148; I want to suck your cock out of

The Motorcycle

about the future.’ I stared at her hard with my mouth hanging open. She laughed and added, ‘Hmmm, I think I shocked you? Maybe I should have been a bit more subtle.’ I closed my mouth and took a sip of beer before I asked, ‘What makes you think we will be lovers? Not that I don’t find the idea interesting to say the least.’ Still grinning she

24 Degrees

in the room, the immediate chill we felt sent us to the TV to catch the local forecast. The night before the weatherman indicated temperatures would go up into the mid forties, but looking at the Weather Channel we noted that the current temperature was twenty-four degrees. The wind was about five to seven miles per hour, making the wind chill a

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 05

choice, your responsibility. But me? No one forced me to get involved, but I did. That’s on me. My choices, my responsibility,’ a sudden coughing fit interrupted him and Sam leaned in to dab away at the blood, he didn’t even appear to notice, ‘So, if I snuff it tonight, you two are absolved,’ he weakly made a gesture of blessing towards the girls

Donovan Manor Chapters 7-14

and rotate her hips grinding her pussy into Ray’s crotch. Ray slid his left hand up her side and circled her left tit and began to work her stiff nipple between his finger and thumb. He took his right and found her clit and began to rub in circles around it, pressing lightly. This set Kathy off and she began to moan and lick her lips. Ray

Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 3

I’m hungry.”The ponytailed Asian shook his head in disbelief again. “You two are incredible, neither of you know any bounds whatsoever. Then again, I’m not complaining.”With one hand, Philip grabbed Amanda her own ponytail to keep her head in place, and with his other hand crammed his swollen member back into her mouth. He thrusted his hips

Ingrid: her story

my standard: he only gave me pining looks, but he gave me nothing else. He was already some fifty years old, but he might just as well be a shy fifteen-year old boy. Had he ever had sex with a woman? I strongly suspected he was still a virgin. I sometimes thought: shall I seduce him? But I preferred not to. I liked him, but he was not ‘my type’

Awakenings Ch. 04

detail about those four other men. They're exciting memories and now the man I loved was asking me to share those memories with him. I made him lie down on the bed with his head propped up on two pillows so he could still see the movie playing on the television. Once he was settled I wrapped my fingers around his erection and began telling him

Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 5: Sorority

again, enough to still be suspicious, and asked, "How do I know this isn't some sort of trick?"She said, "I don't know, you just have to trust me I guess?"I said, "Not good enough. You said you girls want to take turns with me?" She nodded. "Including you?"She paused and then said, "I hadn't really thought about it, but now that I know you

My Sister the Cheerleader Chapter 2

to one hell of a lesbian porno film, and i was so fucking horny my dick head was touching the bottom of the desk. My sister takes krystals top off next, revealing her perfect, freckled breasts. My sister then wraps her tongue around her nipple and sucks on the left one for a while. Biting follows, for a good 3 minutes, followed by removal of


results of flouting God’s Law for believers.And it seemed that the children were a bit too obvious in their presence, instead of lingering in the background as proper Christian Children should.The husbands were somewhat more friendly to the women not of their households than I am used to seeing. I wonder if that has been the genesis of any

Becoming a Sex Slave - The Cortez Brothers

a very strong orgasm this way. It had been years since I had my ass fucked. Gino's cock was thicker and much longer than my first.After having a good look at me from behind. Gino told me to lay down on the bed. As I did, he told me that he wanted me masturbate for him. He said it turned him on to watch a woman that knew how to enjoy her own body.

A Valentines Day Auction

than the hour that we’ve spent out here.’ Kerrie feels a rush of excitement through her body. She can feel herself falling for this stranger. Stop that she silently tells herself. You’ve only known him for one hour. Her emotions aren’t listening and she leans into him, ready to feel his caress on more than her face. The large French doors burst

Online Dating

work I saw that familiar Skype bubble in the corner, “Pocketkitty” was online. Chris: So you ready to explain this? Pocketkitty: You didn't have to wake me up like that, I Just want you to be happy Chris: I am happy, I'm always happy Pocketkitty: Yeah well now you'll be even happier! Chris: Well how am I supposed to go around meeting women when

Divorce, a Job at K-Mart, and the New young Black Manager Chapter two

sparkling lights of the city and the view of it and the river is incredible. Just setting, Ashleys red dress has already inched its way up and the white suspenders that lead from her stockings to her garter belt are the only things that are keeping her upper thighs from being totally exposed! His hand has slightly spread her legs and easily found

Babysitting. 05

get into bed and just hug each other until we fall asl**p.” And that’s exactly what we did. For three hours we slept with our hands holding each others, rubbing our bodies together and just feeling wonderful. But we didn’t have sex. However we became very close, mom now treated me like an adult young lady and I knew that before long we would have

Slut Wife in the Auto Parts Store

get back to my hometown of New Orleans to be closer to my parents. We looked for other employment there for quite a while, but there just weren’t any other opportunities for us. Ed is very good at marketing research and learned that a suburb in the New Orleans area was under-served by auto parts suppliers. He identified a location in a business

Bringing Up Twins

forget I was her father, I wanted her so badly. I pressed down on her pussy and watched the TV screen and saw Lana press her hot little pussy against an invisible force. I couldn't believe she was actually feeling this. Leni and Lana both moaned in unison as I began a palm massage of their bald little pussies, pressing more firmly and moving

Without You I Have Nothing Ch. 12

far from decent.’ Her eyes sparkled merrily as she studied his naked body. ‘Not so fearsome now are we? Where’s your manhood gone. You’re only a little boy in a man’s body.’ She laughed stridently as Peter, trying to cover his family jewels with his hands, fled to the bathroom. ‘And, yes, your back. I demand some explanations. At least, you owe

Living with Uncle Jim pt. 3

at Mr Jones as I ask him to eat my pussy only slightly stumbling over the words at the end, he lowers his head and starts to lick me, I close my eyes again but Jim growls making me open them again and look at him Watch him Jane, watch Jones eat your pussy like you asked him to, watch his tongue slide into your pussy, feel him pushing it into your

Wife Becomes an Actress - Act 4 (The Final Act)

forward with my right hand and cupped his balls. I gulped as he slid in and, once inside, he grabbed the back of my head and held me tight against himself. He held me so tight that my nose hurt against his groin. When I felt I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, I began hitting his tummy hard to get him to push back. I felt hands unlocking

Because I Want To Be

and thigh and then hitting with just the leather tip somewhere on my backside. You would think that the small leather flap would not hurt as much as the hard rod, but the tip of the rod also strikes, and the flap snaps like the tip of a whip creating an intense pain in a very small area.As she strikes her breathing becomes deeper and faster.

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 22

do more together?" Jackson said to him softly. Geoff looked down at the expensive haircut laying in his lap. "I'm not sure I can right now, I need a bit more recovery time," Geoff answered. "I didn't mean right now, I meant this weekend. I'd like to spend more time with you," Jackson replied. "Why would you want to spend a weekend with me? You

Sports Reporters Fuck Teenage Gymnasts

his big cock. Then Carl stopped sucking her tit and said, “Oh fuck, that was hot watching you clean my cum from Kayla’s cunt. We can all see that you really have a hunger for black man’s cum. I agree with Kayla that it will be fun to have you around to clean the girl’s cunts after my friends and I fuck them. But for now, I’d like to see you fuck


felt the heat in my face this time as I took a drink of soda. He stretched smiling and his leg went up further on mine. The excitement of sneaking leg feels was awesome.….. My sister and husband Don didn’t notice a thing. His leg was so warm on mine I felt my self getting wet. Eric… ….I think this was just fate that our legs touched….but it was a

Liar Ch. 05

were definitely not for him. His chaotic thoughts were blindsided by the sudden image of Sloane, her belly swollen with his child. She’d make a great mother. The image that flashed in his mind brought an overwhelming ache and calmness that served to further fuel Gabe’s anger at himself. He had learned that the baby was not his the same day as

A Walk On The Beach

for. I looked out the window at the clouds and realized what a big world that we lived in. The attendant came on the intercom saying that we were almost to our destination and to buckle up. I smiled, being afraid of heights I stayed buckled the whole flight. As we touched down, my stomach lept up. I grabbed my bags and went inside the airport.


my sleep chamber I was presented with dream options.• Desmond bullying in childhood• Mom’s funeral• Revenge on Desmond• The Moonlight Mariner• CynthiaI wanted to choose the Moonlight but curiosity was said to kill the most curious of cats and Cynthia had more than piqued that within me. I donned my breathing mask and was out before my eyelids

Throne of the Emperor

for that?’ He finally noticed his nails raking across his flesh and the blood. ‘If I must pay blood for my sins can I not pay with my own?’ He pulled his hand away from his arm staring at the blood on his own fingertips and finally collapsed to his knees. ‘Isn’t this good enough?’ Neither one of them was sure how long they remained silent nor

Broken Birds, Part 27 Coming Out Party -Prelude

trusted with physical intimacy was Michael. She wanted to go slow, to feel the romance her soul had so long been denied. Erik seemed to understand. Sandy smiled when Nita took Erik’s hand. This pairing, at least seemed to be going to plan.Beth found herself beside a man about 30 years old, named Ian. Jennifer had invited him. He was a

The Pirate King

to take the ship as well.’ Barre laughed. ‘Don’t think I haven’t thought of it, but they’d probably be able to find us rather easily, don’t you think? No, just board her, we’ll take what we can, and narrow down the potential hostages by monetary value.’ With grappling hooks and tow lines, the pirate boats moved alongside the liner, with each of

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Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 01

though, Jeff was starting to feel that familiar heat rising up his hard shaft. Cum was starting to throb its way up, and in another second or two, he would be pumping it deep into his goddess' loving cunt.Béla raised her head, feeling his anxiety and the nearness of his orgasm. Her body was already completely satisfied, and she remembered that he

Living the Dream

swinging and vibrating with every thrust. She turned to look back at him. "Stop teasing me and fuck!"Graham moved his hands to Angela's hips, which are of a size and roundness that her mother likes to call "birthing hips". With this hand hold he started to pull out and pound back in, faster and faster.Oh my God, she thought to herself, he's

Adam at the Arcade

I wish I hadn’t eaten that jawbreaker and had all that popcorn. My jaw hurts, my mouth tastes briny, and my stomach feels weird.’ ‘Lots of good movies coming out,’ said Lily. ‘And we’ve been in a rut, staying at home all the time. I think we should see them all.’ ‘All right,’ said Adam. ‘We’ll go out more often. Movies—that’s one of my favorite

Happy Birthday- Part 2

Ed was led through the door and into the building. Ben left him there and disappeared. Ed liked the room. It was small, but the air inside felt nice and cool, as opposed to the hot air outside.In a few minutes, Ben re-entered the building carrying a thick blanket and leading Sarah by the hand.Sarah was blindfolded, and wearing a comfortable bath

Frankie’s Story Ch. 04

comfortableI let her know that since Red gave me her opinion it was fair that I heard hers. After a moment Frankie said. ‘You knew she would come here. In the car you said you had this situation covered.’ I smiled as I realized what I had said to her. I told her that I had my doubts about being associated with Harper industries so I got someone

My cousin Jo and I, Part 7

hair, deep blueeyes, nice size tits, not as big as Jo’s still fine as shit, and an ass that can’tbe beat.) has on these white shorts. I can make out her black pantiesthrough them. I always thought she was hot. Maybe not quite as nice as Jobut nice. She had on a pink string strap top. By the looks of things shedidn’t have a bra on either. No sign

Kings & Queens & Guillotines Ch. 01

my feet Our skin pressed, two bodies gently swaying flesh to flesh in the dark. A hand came behind my neck and took hold for balance, the other on the window sill. She pressed her bottom against me, my fingers now gently teasing her delicate petals as I whispered in her ear how much I wanted her, how I was going to have her. ‘Don’t stop,’ she

Nick and Logan Adventures -Close Call - #3

thought they were done for the day, Nick once again engulfed the slowly limping dick and cleaned off the cum and swallowed the rest of it, licking the semen off of Logan's stomach. No cleaning up was required for either of the tired young men. The boys wordlessly got their clothes back on. Logan got a text from his mom."Oh shit, my mom said that

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 21

my trousers and her face assumed a look of almost blissful wonder. And so it went on. As I tried to navigate my way to where I had last seen Wendy, I forced my way past female bodies pressed against me and hands touching me everywhere and occasionally reaching into my pockets. I was terrified of what was happening but also highly aroused, my cock

The Wedding

had been planned for months, and the day had arrived. It was the wedding day for Robert and Juliana’s friends, Andrew and Katherine.There was a collective gasp as they came into view. Robert knew that everyone apart from him was looking at Katherine, the bride. His own gasp, however, was for Juliana, behind her. He glanced up and saw a small tear

Bailey and Jade part 12

in, and slid farther. She got all the way to 6 inches, and could feel the animal almost tearing her apart. She started to pant like a dog, and pumped her ass back and forth, fucking the brown beast. The horse was getting close, and started to return the favor, jerking himself forward into her. They came in unison. Bailey's flow of juices was no

A girl borrows her brother’s wind-up sex toy

novella, and read almost anentire chapter while the Tangerine chug-chugged up anddown my pussy. It was exquisite. I ignored the muffledcries of, “Oh Simon you’re so big and hard!” “YesSimon, yes you big stud!” and so forth. By the time I was ready to get off, I was sopping wet,absolutely soaked and dripping. I could stand no moretorment. I set

New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 05

around to you. But don’t take offense at the fact that she spreads herself thin. You’ve gotten more than your rightful share of her.”“Now who’s bitter?” Jake asked, a slightly sarcastic tone to his voice. “This is your world. How will I fit in here? Is there even room for me?”“Your thoughts are echoed by hundreds of people who are here for the

Mom finally gets her turn

it’s not that.” He said “I was trying to be quiet about it but my balls are hurting some and I was trying to sooth them by rubbing them.”Well, I thought, should I offer to do it? Could this be my chance to realize one of my greatest fantasies? Again my heart was racing. So I suggested he let me massage his balls. I even said he could keep

Lust with an old wolf.

her youthful firm petite body hugged close to my body. I think McKayla saw my bodies reaction to her mother’s body as I straightened up she blushed as my pants noticeably rented. This way I said as I continued along the path out of the park to a large almost mansion across from the parks entrance. I spoke to the house as I walked along the

Teenage Boys Part 3

Later, after practice was done, Jackson ran into Owen on the way to the showers. "Hey Jackson," he said. "That was a really good practice, huh." "Yeah it sure was," said Jackson. They both walked into the shower area together. They took of their towels and went under opposite showers so that they could talk. As soon as the water started running

Hottie at work pt 1

would kill for, and a perfect bubble butt. Katie was her name and it suited her 5’5” frame perfectly. Katie had been working with me for about 2 years when we actually started really talking. I had fantasized about her the whole time. Naked, what kind of panties she wore, what she was into. We started texting back and forth, idle chit chat at

The Corset War

say ‘she wouldn’t look good in it either’. After the second sarcastic comment, he stopped smiling. The third time he told me to stop, but I didn’t seem to know how. It was almost like self mutilation. As if each pass of the knife across my thigh could somehow drown the earlier hurt. Somewhere between my third and fifth observation, Wolf told me

Beginning My Life As A Femdom submissive

to have out here was when I had friends come out on the weekend. But I have already found one willing slave / slut to service me. Your cum tells me you will be trustworthy and a very good slave and possibly even my butler, what do you have to say to that?” Reaching down and pulling my pants up from around my knees I weakly smiled at her and said,

Garbage Dump Gang Rape Part 3

Jack to wipe the cum of her eyes so she could see, Jack obeyed the order using a wash rag. Jessica opened her eyes to see Mr. Johnson and immediately said "thank you, you have saved me", this was met with a quick slap to the face and a lewd comment from Mr. Johnson saying "don't address me whore, unless I say". Jessica's hopes were dashed and her

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 08

other dildo, who in turn squealed in delight as the smaller cock split her ass in two. Soon the three of them were all moaning in pleasure as the doctor moved over and began fucking Michelle’s ass with the horse thermometer. For twenty minutes the hall was filled with the screams and moans of three women being slowly fucked, until finally they


a good answer. He decided honesty was the best policy: ‘Well obviously you look stunning,’ he began. ‘I just don’t know how a guy like me can talk to a girl… like you.’ The girl’s reaction was a look Steve had never seen before and so he didn’t know whether he had said the right thing or the wrong thing. She was beginning to look at him in a way

Don’t mess with Mistress Alicia

against Jack’s lightly furred chest. Spread widefor both men, her clitoris was teased as each pressedinto her. Andy’s lips on her back, Jack’s tongue in hermouth, each point of contact a searing jolt to hersenses as they pushed her relentlessly to the finalcrisis. Alicia’s shivering moved to full body shudders and shemoaned uncontrollably into

A Christmas Party: The Ride

do. I suckle and twirl my lips around your girth, doing my best to replicate the skills of the infamous “Superhead.” I open and close my mouth on your dick in quick succession, urging you to let the feeling build inside your sac. I begin to hum onto your dick in tribute to the holiday season, “We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry

The Exsanguinator

drawings, I said. “Well, you have heard of the Drink-O-Matic?” Merle looked pensive. “I’ve heard of it. It’s used by some cults but only on volunteer girls. It’s a bit like a vertical guillotine that holds the girl so she can be fucked as it slices off her head and the supplicants drink her blood as it pours out of the severed neck. Not too much

Self Discovery 2

my tan line; his touch is so erotic. I love his gentle seductive touch. It causes my nipples to harden as he continues to trace my tan lines. He leans in and gives me a sweet sensual kiss as he runs his fingers down my body to the strings of my bikini bottoms. I feel a gentle tug and feel them loosen and fall to the floor, joining my top. He

Miss America Contestant

my hand falls upon her lips, silencing her. Her eyes grow wide and she tries to remove my hand, but my grip holds fast. Lifting her head I force a gag into her mouth, and listening to her muffled screams, I grin. " Alexa," I said softly, with a tone of absolute certainty in my voice, " Your a tease. Torturing me with your smile, those breasts,


to happen, but she slowly made her way to where Jim and I were sitting on the couch, and a moment later she had climbed up and sat in my lap. "Tell her that's a good girl" Jim said, and as I repeated his words back to my twelve year old daughter I actually felt a twitch in my groin as her tiny butt clad in jeans pressed against me. A wave of

Staring Contest

and like a good girl she fought to keep focused, staring at the dark eyes of their taxi driver reflecting in the rear view.The men on each side of her spoke softly in some unknown tongue. Twenty long digits worked between her legs, spreading wet spiderweb filaments of scented arousal from pussy to nipple to her greedy little mouth."Please," she

Light Chocolate Candy

the Dark Continent still evident – if you know what I mean; flawless mocha skin – creamy coffee-colored with just a hint of orange spice undertones. Her black hair hung over her shoulder long and flowing. Her breasts swell proudly – not large, but perfectly shaped – her nipples just a slight insinuation under her dress. Her hands are fluid, her

Didn't Have Anything Else To Do (Part 2)

acting, playing hard to get, provoked me to do what I did next.I put my arm around her, she hesitated, but then snuggled closer to me. My hormones got the best of me, and an erection started to rear its head. (Pun intended)She didn't notice. But looked me in the eyes and directly said, "We're not fucking." I could tell she sounded sad. But then

Poker Mom

huge breasts with huge nipples and were bouncing around. I bent a bit to hold them and play with them. I took one of them in my mouth and licked madly. I also left some bite marks on them. I pulled her close so that my cock could feel her crotch and rub against them. She bent down so that her breasts could hang freely which I tried to milk with

Death by fucking ch. 22 (end)

went out the window in our relationship a long, long time ago. I might have experienced some jealous twinges with Donnie at one time in my life, but other than that we just trust each other. Deirdre and I have known from the beginning that we didn't have room in our hearts for anyone else, we are so full of love for each other. This wasn't a

Strangers To Love Ch. 05

dimly burning. She was breath-taking. She was flushed with desire and her newly discovered sensuality. He removed his pants and boots quickly but left his underclothes on for the time being. His cock was obviously aroused but he wanted to take his time with her. Kneeling, he slowly removed the last barrier from her body. Instinctively she raised

Amylia The Gamer Geek

a bit. Then I hear the door. I look up at the time. Dad. He worked as an engineer at a train company. So his job is to do a maintenance or observe the maintenance of the train and the tracks. That’s why sometimes he get back late. But tomorrow he will go to the work at noon, replacing the rest he should have. He walked to his room, where mom is

My Maaster

was soon too much and I began to beg you for release “please master, please my I come!!” I screamed. You began to laugh and told me I could I soon was coming all over your hand. You moved me over to the bed, I began to smell your husky scent once again it was right on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and you said I could make you hard once

The Job Interview

Tom. As it happened, it turned out that Tom was a complete bastard but the experience had introduced the pleasures of sex to Natalie so she had decided that on reflection, the experience wasn’t all bad. That was nearly a year ago and she was now 18 and in her last year of college. In the intervening period, she had had countless sexual encounters

The Ride with Adirian

for the week. Adirian was an attractive girl, and her advances towards Michael had failed. She wondered if maybe he didn’t like woman. Just looking at him, she wanted to feel herself wrapped around his body. Feel the wind kiss her cheeks and whip her hair around. She could feel her pussy tingle. She knocked on the door as she entered the room.

Good morning, beautiful

“Even here?” you ask, this time pushing your finger harder into my ass, so that I begin moaning. I hurriedly stuff the t-shirt back in my mouth, managing to cover up the rest of my pleasure noises. You stop and I am able to reply, ‘Yes that feels good, Tom. Now, fuck me harder with your cock.’ You comply, ramming your dick into my repeatedly,

a bad day to be a cheerleader

have all thought that she had very bad diarrhea and she didn’t know how to explain the butt plug they all saw. She burst into tears and ran out of the class and hid in the toiles for the rest of that class after that she tried to forget what had happened and all through the day people kept asking about it and making fun of her for what had

A Peasant Girl - Chapter 4

or twice. No one seemed to notice; all the boys were asking Vlad if he was going to join them.Vlad rolled her over, much more gently than the others. "Anna," he whispered, "have you had enough? I can settle for your mouth, if you're too sore."The look she gave him must have spoken volumes, for he turned to the audience and said, almost

Teasing and pleasing you

more fully against your cock. I stand back up, and look up at you thru the reflection, about to tell you with my eyes that I can play just as dirty. But your eyes are smoldering now. Oops. That might have been too far. Our floor finally arrives and we exit the elevator. Grabbing your hand, I pull you down the hall to our room. As I try to

The Other Side Of Desire

me, over my sensitive cock as I realise I am at the point of no return.You begin the milking rhythm of an unbearably intense orgasm into me, over me, through me, as I begin to erupt into you in response. The sounds of our carnal voices filling our space, our minds our passion, as we collapse spent into each other.I slowly and forcibly draw your

Alyssa 4 - Welcome home baby!

away and pulled her bikini back up as I stood there with my dick just pointing at her. She looked at me and whispered urgently “Holy shit Zane EVERYone can see in here!”I answered “No one can see anything, we’re behind the counter, all they could see is that big smile on your face” She wasn’t really smiling. She actually seemed a bit shocked, and

When One Door Closes… Ch. 02

We did it with a hand on her bare butt and they made appreciative noises. They came back with two high-end laptops. Computers with nearly indestructible cases, huge hard drives and lots of bells, whistles and testosterone. Our wives wrapped them in plain brown paper and sealed the packages in duct tape. Mike and I pronounced them very manly. Then

Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 4

of living, one that could easily turn into an addiction. It would be come my heroin if I was not careful.I had finally accepted that this was not only fine with George, but it was what he wanted for both of us. I was still not sure he completely comprehended what he had turned lose in me. But that was water over the dam. The next few days and the

Love me, love thy nurse

A moment or two later, the nurse with the long red hair appeared. “What’s the matter, our patient being difficult?” “Not exactly…look!” “Tut tut tut… Mr Roberts. I don’t know. Anyone would think we were just wearing black hold-ups under our uniforms.” “Pardon?” Said Tom. “And matching black bra and panties…” “But we are!” Said the beautiful,

What's for dinner?

takes way more to get her like this. Was she already horny?" She was still moaning when I grabbed her by the hair and led her to the ground to sit on her knees in front of me. I untied the the blindfold and gave her the order to unzip me and suck all eight inches. She did as she was told and took out my hard member and held it in her hand. Her

My Wife's Hot Friend

to our passion and love one more time, and called it over after that.Harry and Jenny wound up getting engaged and were married soon after. I could not be around her anymore, not because I was mad, but because she filled me with uncontrollable passion at the sight. I found it easiest to avoid her, rather than risk myself getting all hot and

Caught Mom gets fucked and loves it

the creek when Beth came walking out of the woods. When she saw us she walked over to our blanket, stripped off all of her clothes and said, "Who wants to fuck me first?" I got there first and over the next hour or so we all fucked her twice. She must be on the pill as she never said anything about using a condom. None of us had one anyway.

Breaking Pam The Hotel Manager Ch. 01

his hand, wanting it, wanting his fingers deep inside you, wanting him to play with you. As your mind starts to come back to reality, you can hear yourself moaning again, not screaming, not resisting, but moaning as you involuntarily lick your lips and let your first words out of those sweet lips, ‘Fuck my pussy.’ The sound barely audible, but

Gina 1 - The softball game

react. I shouldn’t have worried though, he was a dynamo in bed that night. As you might expect, the game drew a lot of fans, a hell of a lot more than in other years. Even the owners of the two companies were there. It was the bottom of the sixth inning, the last inning, and we were up by two runs. I was playing third base and caught a liner for

Foster Daddy for my Birthday

grey hair and wrinkled face made me never really notice Clifford as a man&hellip,but now I couldnt help but breathe him in and think about him touching me. I pulled away because the thoughts were becoming too much. I couldnt think about Clifford like that after all he is Lindas husband. We ate cake and ended up falling asleep on the couch to a

An indecent evening

that she and her boyfriend have a shared fantasy to have sex in front of an audience?Especially if you’re both drunk at a formal work ‘do’.And the boyfriend is sitting next to you.And you are all staying the night at the hotel.Is it an offer?Are they teasing?Do you really want to watch a bloke shagging a girl you fancy?Especially since you’re

His Voice

Slowly I began to pull it back out, the vibration still stimulating my hard clit. Back in went the vibrator, I began to quicken the pace, in and out, my free hand massaging my breast and tweaking my nipples. My moans came almost with each breath. I began to rock my hips against my hand and vibrator, pumping harder and faster. I could feel my

Aspiring Novelist Pt. 02

she kicks up. How’s the wine?’ ‘Better than the crap we drink.’ ‘Oh please Jim don’t mention that when your mom arrives.’ He grinned and motioned should he answer the knock and Billie smiled and nodded. A beautiful young girl and an attractive and well-dressed woman entered. ‘Omigod,’ said the eighteen-year-old, gaping at Billie. ‘Silvana, please

A Day In the Woods Chapt 7

the Saturday with Jessica. Was this one of the same wolves and if so how did they find me? All of her fantasies of that day sprung into her mind. Jessica made her way to Anne who was standing still, not sure what to make of the situation and not quite sure what to do. Then Jessica stuck her snout to Anne’s crotch, sniffed and snorted. She could

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager Ch. 03

her vagina. ‘Mmmm, you luscious creature.’ ‘Mmmmmmm. Uhhnnnn. I’m getting so… tingly, Honey.’ Holding the hem of her skirt high, she rose up from the floor with thighs open and thrust her pussy repeatedly into my hand. I stayed on my knees, coaxed one thigh to rest on my shoulder, and pulled her closer until my lips found her clitoris. In a few

Life 2

like Mr Patel, you can lick my wifes, or even my daughters. Both are very tasty between their legs. Now I must take my tapes and go. TWO DOGS AND TWO BITCHES Sunday I found Ted sitting in his usual place at the pub. He was pleased to see me. I wasnt sure youd come. He said. I showed him my video camera and asked for the four hundred pounds. He

Strip Trivial Pursuit

by the work they’d just done. It seems that lighting a donkey was harder work than we had expected and considerably dirtier unless you knew its idiosyncrasies. They ‘were too dirty for a bath and were going to take showers’ we were acidly informed. Once they had showered, Miranda and I ran a deep bubble bath. Without really discussing it, we

Spanking Mom

as I spoke. Slowly, I could see comprehension dawning in her eyes. "Mom, I want you to stand up and take off your shorts," I said, holding my breath, not at all sure how she would react. She just stared at me. Her lips moved to speak, but nothing came out. Finally after a few deep breaths she managed to stammer, "Julia... I d-don't know about

Masseuse Blackmailed

"rub me. Touch my shaved pussy and make me cum," she demanded. I was trapped. I hesitantly stepped forward and she pulled my cock back into her mouth. She was good and despite my reluctance I was working hard not to cum as she laid on her back sucking me off. I rubbed her teenage clit fast and hard, I was starting to get into it. Her moans came

Missy: Day Seven

Daddy asked, murmuring in my ear. I stayed silent as I watched the other woman knelt down next to the big black dog with small brown markings. She reached under him and started rubbing his belly as Mommy groaned and wiggled her ass. She looked like I did when I need to be fucked. But why wasn’t Daddy fucking her?Daddy was pinching and pulling on

My Girlfriend and I Share a Huge Cock

then. After a while he rolled Gia over into the missionary position and put her legs over his shoulders, slid his big penis into her and really started pounding her. The whole time she was sucking me and grabbing my ass and pulling me into her. I could tell he was hurting her when he slammed that huge prick right to the hilt, or more accurately,

Seeing mum and the swingers club

her what she had been up to here already. I can’t tell my son what I’ve been doing here she said, I joked back well let’s be honest it can’t be worse than actually seeing each other here. She again giggled, ok well, with out to much detail I’ve had some fun here with a couple of guys here, go on I said, she laughed what else do you need to know.

Chapter 2 – What A Pleasant Surprise

going to think about being upset about it. It was her night and I wanted her to be happy. When we walked in, it seemed like the entire restaurant came to a complete halt and everyone was looking at her. She was looking really good. Aside from the form fitting red dress she was wearing that showed off her perfect figure, she had on a pair of black

A Gift From His Father Ch. 09

it was an outstanding achievement, losing all that weight but, it was ashamed that they really couldn’t truly appreciate what she’d accomplished because they couldn’t see through all her clothes. April suggested that her mother should strip down to her bra and panties and show them how good she looks. With the alcohol dulling her thoughts,

The Restaurant

my legs wider as Edward works on my swollen pussy. I then unzip Edward's pants. I take out his rock hard cock, and start to stroke it. Edward's cock is so hard. I start to rub him from his base to his head. Edward's cum is oozing off his cock. I rub my fingers across Edward's cock, and bring it to my lips. We both want each other so much. The

The Aftermath 3

is also allowed to accompany me.""OH HELL NO!" Jim quickly yelled at the man on the screen, he was bad enough but to allow one of the bug creatures on board no way! Amber went to a steaming mad and furious Jim, leaning close she started to whisper in his ear with an occasional NO! coming from Jim. Finally half an hour later, Amber told the man

Family Games – Chap 14

her back, her cheeks, down around to feel the satin planes of her belly and the upper reaches of her humid cunt. Pulling back slowly, he felt her wiggle on his rod. Oh darling boy! Youve got it all the way in, all the way up my ass. I love it, love it — so strange — stuffing me full, making me so hot — oh, put your hand on my pussy, dear. Right

Cumming home after work

that comes with the afternoon. Now things have slowed down with more places to sit on each vehicle. The book I am trying to read isn’t good. I look up and about. Such is the world that we live in, few people are doing the same. Even those without a phone to play with or a friend to talk to, stare ahead squarely at nothing, as if real life is a

The R-Virus: A Woman and her Dog

dashed when she gagged from the foul reek of breath. Of course, he just had to get into something in just those few moments of freedom, she was forced to lean in closer with leash in hand. She hastily attached the lead, her face wrinkled in disgust and before she could even rise to her feet, he was pulling at it and she stumbled forward to keep

Silken Chains Part Three

that was why she could not stand her arms almost convulsively held her. Her hard nipples burned point into her chest it was the first time she had ever been this close to another woman. He had all he could take his eyes were pleased at the twin beauties before him. Lowering the chain he allowed dasha to come down on the beam fully. Reaching out

Lillian Bell 1 - Back to School

boy. She had one arm under his arm and around him with the other holding his tie.Daniel couldn’t believe his luck, the incredibly sexy blonde sucking his tongue into her mouth with vigour. Their tongues each danced around the other and he thought she was the sweetest tasting thing he’d had in his life. Her pink lips, wet tongue and even the tang

Gun shop monkey business

with my wife, and small wonder. She stood 5'5", had long, thick auburn hair, a face and figure that were to get her a centerfold offer from the CEO of a national magazine the next year, and a personality that was happy and made most guys feel as though she was on earth just for their benefit. She was a major flirt, and we'd discovered a bit of

Toman of the Cherokee 17

sorry husband, your words filled me with such joy I couldn't help myself." Naci said almost afraid to look at Toman.I just lay there a little stunned at what had just happened. Then I thought, what did just happen? Taking a little too long to answer, Naci thought I was upset with her as tears started to fall. Upon hearing her sob, I immediately

Snowed In Ch. 02

Beth and our children.’ ‘I should say pal you do, do things in a big way don’t you. It’s a pleasure to meet you Beth do come in you must be tired from your trip.’ ‘Yes, thank you. We appreciate you taking us in like this, I hope it won’t be a problem.’ ‘Of course not, this is as much your home as mine, seeing as it belongs to Tom.’ ‘It does?’


I knock on your door. ‘I wonder how you will react to what I have planned for you,’ I had said teasingly during the phone call earlier in the week, wanting your imagination to work overtime. ‘You should know me well by now, it’s always a surprise, a good surprise.’ You open the door and stand there smiling, a questioning look on your face. I show

Next Door Neighbor - Part II

over on my back. After a moment or two, Carrie got up and headed to the bathroom leaving me totally spent. She returned after awhile with a small basin of water and a wash cloth, then proceeded to clean my shriveled cock.We laid there and talking about all the sexual pleasures she and her boyfriend usually do and at the same time stroking my cock

The Frontier, III

his thinking trance. There was a flash light to his right, far in the distance. Then his name echoed through the darkness. “Ca-a-a-a-a-arl!” the woman called. Carl started sneaking in her direction. She was still a good 200 meters away but he was afraid to be seen in his current state. “Carl!” She shrieked again with the loss of hope in her

Babysitting Sis Part Two

reveling in the sensuousness and pleasure of their bodies united. Neither one remembered to keep their noise down, and neither heard the slight click as the door unlatched and swung slightly open. Lost in their lust and need of each other, neither noticed their father standing staring with wide disbelieving eyes at his son and daughter fucking

Love Impossible

for Belinda the infatuation meant only more and more sufferings, because she knew pretty well that no one would marry a woman like this. Thirty three years old already, she had never had sex and probably never would. Belinda examined with disgust the nice features of her face – the delicately rounded cheeks, the lush lips, the volitional chin and

Forever of the Wood (Part One of Two)

openly disagreed with him. Several minutes later, the Senate President had to restore order when the arguments progressed to the point of Senators leaving their seats. The Senator that had identified the woodpecker stood up. “I move that we postpone any action on this matter, as it has become apparent that we have a great deal of information that

Auto Erotica Ch. 03

would come and gut her pretty face. I said I would carve her up so that no man would ever look at her again, but my brothers would still rape her until she begged for death. I told her this was the beginning, that my brothers and sisters are coming and we will cover this city, she can never hide from me.’ I looked at the men and saw rage there.

Drive Home

slide your cock into my warm wet mouth — just as I do that I feel the car jerk to the right — I whisper you better keep your eyes on the road. You try to concentrate on your driving as I am sucking on your cock. As I suck I feel it getting harder which makes me suck faster and harder on it. Sliding it in and out of my mouth sliding my tongue

The Stockport Stripper

throw back technique. This is achieved by the girl slowly rolling the stocking down her leg until the nylon surrounds only her foot. The top part of the stocking is then passed over the toes and stretched tight against an extended foot. Holding the elongated integument tight with one hand, she then runs her fingers back and forth along the nylon

Lost Empire 69

sighed, he wasn't even there and shit seemed to be breaking out. "Shelby," Derrick started."Almost there Derrick." Shelby responded before Derrick could finish his question. "I am adding more distance as you suggested."Derrick sighed then nodded, he'd forgotten about Shelby's habit of doing this. He was about to speak when several alarms went

I Don’t Want The World, I Want You! – Part 3.

present yet!” Harry groaned, pissed off and stressed out.“Well, don’t panic, we’ll just go back into town and get him something!” Adam replied calmly, trying to relax his boyfriend.“Yeah we’ll have to because we both have work tomorrow. We need to hurry though before all the shops shut!”So the boys put the groceries in the car and ran back into

Crystal builds a college fund Revised

issues over the years but nothing where this was heading. Her first question I kind of expected. "So what happens at a massage parlor?" "Well you get a massage, like a rub and tug." I stammered trying to find a quick answer. "You mean a hand job, Dad? So do you just go in there and pay for a hand job?" I knew now I had better explain some of

How It All Began Ch. 10

Jack rolled over and moaned contentedly. Fay propped herself up by her elbows watching Jack’s seed leaking from her flushed, glazed pussy. Fay rubbed his spunk over her shaved Mons playfully and rolled onto her side admiring the sheen of sweat on Jack’s tanned body, as he recovered his composure. ‘So, does it feel good to be back?’ asked Fay

My Wife Cuckolds Me And I Love It! Chapter 4

out of the window, I saw her and Jason kissing. Both were naked, of course, and she was holding his cock but I heard her say, “No lover, I promised Paul.”I knocked on the window and indicated for her to go ahead. She laughed, waved, and blew me a kiss before dipping her head. God, I loved that sexy bitch. I heard two separate splashes and looked

Mrs Lyndsey Dunn

getting stiff again and I sat down quick in an attempt to hide it but Mrs. Dunn didn’t miss a thing, she smiled and asked me if I needed to cum again so soon, I apologised and told her I found her very sexy. On hearing this Mrs. Dunn stood up and undid her kimono revealing the best pair of tits it has been my pleasure to gaze upon in my life and

Moments in Time from My Life: Chapter One, the Ugly Duckling

I said smiling at her.Janet wrapped her arms around me and she started to kiss me passionately on my lips. I kissed her back slipping my tongue into her mouth. Here we were standing just behind pulled curtains kissing passionately as other walked by the dressing room.I felt Janet running her hand down to my pussy. She rubbed at it petting it

Scribble 01

on his face. It wasn’t often he let his guard down or did something this elaborate for her. It touched her that he’d taken the time and effort to do so. The love between them was always there even when they fought over stupid things or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But it was still nice when one surprised the other. ‘Remember what I said

Katie (Part 6)

that went along with the lawn work, upkeep, maintenance and all that was enough to keep me busy. It kept my mind off my shitty marriage, lack of sex life, and the unhappiness I was dealing with. I was able to stay busy, on the go, and always doing something somewhere. I'd on occasion hang out with friends, hang out with my daughter and


you. I take you in – all of you, as deep as you go. As fast, as cruel as you are. Mmm, I love how you bite my neck. I love every drip of blood I shed after having you entirely. I love feeling every inch of you , each and every gram you weigh pressed hard against me. I desire your arms. Those strong arms which pushed me into walls, ripped my

A Neighbour Comes to Complain

knew it was a neighbour. I had watched from my bedroom window as she marched over from her house across the road.‘Yes, there is a problem.’ She places her hands on her hips and takes a large intake of breath. She is wearing a tight white vest and denim shorts. As she breathes in, her nipples poke through the cotton.‘Can I help?’ ‘You are watching

First Time

few min i felt his cock getting soft and he say to me if he knew i was really coming over he would had some anal lup once he start fuking me very slowly gentle i look back and start to feel batter and see only half of his cock inside me not all of it i ask him nicely will it hurt if u shove entire cock he say yes but dont worry lets go inche by

Serenity part 2

the store they started looking around. Nick led her to a wall of collars and told her to find four that she liked what they said. Serenity kept looking for one that said fuck-doll but she couldn’t find one, she then settled for four. She then showed them to Master Nick and he read them out loud “Whore, Slave, Slut, and Tramp. I think that we are

My lovely girlfriends part.1

"And then Jennifer came out from the men's room, with panties stuffed in her mouth and got to the girls bathroom, which luckily is opposite to men's room. But many watched her almost naked in the hallway. And the funny thing is the bitch was caught by that janitor with Adam's dick in her ass," said Michaela laughing.All laughed along

Craig’s List – Cross Dresser

it excites you. I tell you to twirl around and you do which causes your short skirt to fly out. I see the tops of your stockings, and for a brief moment, your panties. My dick stirs more. I tell you to stop as you are facing away from me. ‘Put your hands on your knees.’ I say. You do so and look back at me over your shoulder with your ass

New Neighborhood New Fun Ch 1 of 4

with medium length blond hair. I have a very nice body, in spite of having had two kids. One benefit of the kids is that my boobs have grown from my previous C cups to DD’s. I have a very shapely body and get hit on all of the time. Our family recently moved from one suburb of Dallas to another to be closer to my husband’s work. Even though we

Sarah's Pictures

and now as he plunged his cock into her, many mini orgasms erupted, sending pleasurable sensations all over her body.Öh fuck she cried out .......... who the fuck are you ....,just fuck me, FUCK ME HARD".The intruder reached over and pulled the light sockets from the wall, sending the bedroom into darkness, pulling off his balaclava, he kissed

Rise of Roxy Ch. 07

was merciless in her gentle wooing, attempting to make sure he couldn’t get her eyes off her and after she finished her lesson at 9:30 each morning she asked for coffee and him to join her and by the third day he just said he’d get coffee. She asked straight out was he married. The reply he was divorced. On Saturday afternoon Roxy invited him to

La Matadora – Part 2

an old 30D under wire. I unclasped the oppressive snare and revealed deep impressions in my rib cage and breasts that clearly showed dark purple on my golden brown skin. Lamenting them briefly, I remembered my precarious nudity and threw on a light blue, hooded windbreaker that I’d found wadded under the passenger seat. My skirt wasn’t so easily

Air Buns

looking for the most reasonable airfares, or at least the most benefits for those super high ticket prices. While planning my latest trip to Dallas, TX, I came across an interesting airline website. The airline was named Southern Air, and I couldn’t help but notice all over the website were pictures of very attractive black women who appeared to

An Irresistible Co-Worker, Part One

the dirty things I wanted to do to Kelly. I was praying that our desks would be near each other’s. I was engaged and she had a serious boyfriend, so I knew nothing would happen, but I just wanted to be close to one of the most beautiful girls I have never known. To my excitement our desks were right across from each other, this was the best first

A Trip Worth Making

life to the world and suddenly it was all becoming so real: the fantasies, the lust, the need for more than just words written on a screen.I was playing over the last few days in my head, going through every conversation, every message and every subtle insinuation hidden in the subtext.“Nah, you can’t be serious… you’re playing with me, right?”I

From Afar Ch. 10

out his tongue for making her cry. He had made a promise to himself to never make her cry but it was now broken. He felt like a first class asshole. He knelt down beside her and took her in his arms. ‘Sara, baby, whatever it is, we can work it out just please don’t shut me out. I just wouldn’t be able to stand that.’ He kissed he forehead in a

Everyone has a hot beginning, this is mine…Part

Secret. I had a very big crush on Denise (my friend’s s****r) and when I found those panties, I just knew that I had stumbled onto something that would be a landmark for the rest of my life. I of course kept them hidden until I got home, and would take them out and just stare at them and imagine her wearing them. After a few days of this, I tried

Jennas Story

to my mouth. He placed her fingers onto my mouth. I closed my mouth and sucked them deeper into my mouth. I sucked so hard, the tips of them went down my throat. I didnt gag at all. Interesting, they said simultaneously. We are going to have to remember that, Mom said conspiratorially. From that night on I always licked moms pussy juices from

The Birthday Weekend Camping Trip

pants and the zipper to his pants being completely down with no button. Hope could feel that she wasn’t wearing any panties and looked over to see black lace bikini type panties located not far from her foot. Pamela and Curt had passed out in the corner of the living room by the kitchen. Curt was propped up against the wall. He had no pants on

The Joke That Backfired - Part 3

bulge would get even bigger. “Mmmm… so you have nothing on! God, I was hoping you'd be nude. I’m getting hard here just thinking about how you look right now. Melanie said you’d be alone for a while so… I was hoping maybe we could have some phone sex like we did that time I was at the mechanics convention? Remember how we made each other cum?”

My New Job (Continuation to the Barbecue)

moaned out and push my hips into his hand. "You like that huh, sweetie? Why don't I try and insert another finger." He slid in his middle finger along with his index and continued to finger fuck me. He curled up his fingers against my G-spot every time he slid them into me. Faster and faster, I started to feel my orgasm build up. I knew it

Summer Crush

his ways and public sex became the norm for us until one day we went a bit too far.Last month, when he had an off day and no games or practices were scheduled, we went down to the beach for some sand, surf and sex. We placed our blanket down on the sand and I pulled a light sheet on top of us. Hideki wasted no time in pulling off my pink bikini

The dare

doing this and I feel a hand playing with my butt. It's caressing up and down my crack and wiggling into my hole. He starts playing with my hole and pushing his finger slightly in then out and in till he slips in to his first knuckle. This is feeling really good. I had never played with my butt before. Then he pulls out and after a pause is

A Tale of Love

covers your mouth. Behind your thin eyelids, I can see the flickers of your eyes as you slip into a Rem level of sleep and I wonder what you are dreaming. Could it be of last night’s pleasure we shared for so long? Or are they dreams of our happy family life together with our babe? Either way, I wish I could be there inside your dreams to partake

The Change Up – Part 3

you were all gone and wanted to know why you didn’t invite her along?’Emily says, ‘You know Trish is working, and it’s too early for Elsie to be at the club.’ The band started to play swing music. I remember the song, Jumping Jack. I danced to it in college and had the lead role for some of the swing songs. I look at Emily and ask her to dance.

My education continues

So there we lay getting our breath back, when Diane reached down and took hold of my cock. She started to rub her thumb around my cock head. Round and round she went, sliding her thumb over my helmet, my cock naturally started to react. ‘God I love a responsive cock, my husband’s only gets hard if he is watching porn!’ Diane said. ‘Shame, I get

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

avoided them, though they believed them to be harmless. One morning Uncle Bear cooked them some porridge for breakfast. As the porridge was too hot to eat, the Three Bears decided to take a walk in the woods while it cooled. They had not been gone long when a young girl named Goldilocks came along. She had been picking flowers and had wandered

Skiing trip 3 - Going Home

to follow you’re example. She’s just to young for sex. - I smiled, thinking of Amy riding my cock like a pro just the other day. Mom noticed my smile and asked.- Is there something you’re not telling me? - she asked suspiciously.- No mom. - I said quickly. - Ok then. I have to go. I’m going to be late for work. I will come home late so go ahead

Enslaving Rico Part 5

moving and lied there smelling Trevor’s jockstrap. He was angry at Trevor but couldn’t do anything. He tasted the jockstrap it was salty and smells like sweat. It was disgusting.Trevor: I wasn’t even going to do this to you but Ben convinced me he said that you fucked up my life so I should return the favor.Trevor showed his cock to Rico. It was